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Mustermann, Max

UNIC Job Shadowing

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UNIC Job Shadowing

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UNIC Job Shadowing is an ongoing initiative within the consortium. All partner universities offer opportunities for UNIC staff to visit their counterparts or colleagues from neighbouring fields of work and exchange best practices. This can either happen in one-on-one or in group settings – depending on the offered activities and occasions.  This database will help you to find out about current opportunities in your field.
Depending on availability and application regulations at your home institution, financial support for these activities can be made available through Erasmus Staff Training funds. If you want to find out about the possibilities, please contact the UNIC staff member(s) in charge at your university.
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Time Frame
Description of the Application Procedure
Ruhr University BochumStudent Services
Management of Exchange programmes, Counselling of outbound and inbound exchange students, Erasmus administration, EWP, Strategic measures to enhance participation in physical/blended exchange formats
Experience in related fields. Interest in learning from each other /share best practice. German or English language proficiency.
5 working days, concrete date to be arranged individually
Please contact us via email with a short motivation statement and CV.
Erasmus University RotterdamStudent Services
The central International Office of Erasmus University focuses on credential evaluation and admission, support in the field of immigration procedures, management of scholarship programmes (including the Erasmus+ programme), the soft landing of international students, and manages university wide exchange agreements. The International Office is currently involved in the development of EWP and is working on procedures to enhance inclusive and sustainable mobility. Depending on the background of the guests, a tailor-made programme will be offered.
Experience in student support services and internationalisation, interest in Erasmus University, and willingness to share best practices.
To be discussed. Depending on focus of the visit, a number of dates may be considered, such as the week of our Study Abroad Fair in fall or the beginning of our Spring or Fall semester, when we offer a number of Orientation Activities. We can arrange a programme divided over 4 to 5 days in one week.
Martine Wierenga, Director International
Please contact us if you are interested in jobshadowing in our International Office by sending an email to, accompanied by your cv and a brief explanation of your expertise and the topics, themes and/or processes you are interested in. If you are interested in visiting us with several colleagues please contact us about options first.
Koç UniversityStudent Services
During this week, the participants from different institutions will get a general overview of Koç University, participating universities, and how institutions create a welcoming climate for both students and staff from all backgrounds with thoughtful cross-cultural experiences.

While participants enjoy week-long thought-provoking discussions and sessions with colleagues from all around the world, they will also enjoy the cultural beauties of Istanbul and Turkey. As part of the program, participants will also present their institutions to Koç University students during a day-long Study Abroad Fair on May 11th.
Monday, 9 May, 2022 to Friday, 13 May, 2022
Mrs. Burcu
Please visit for detailed information about the program and application procedure:
Koç UniversityStudent Services
The main theme of this year’s International Library Study Week is "Constructing the Future". Library and Information Science is a key sector that contributes to the development of the forthcoming ideas and projects. Having an impact on the future requires multiple considerations on various subjects. Through this week, together we will investigate these considerations and analyse the following sub-themes; innovation, partnership and sustainability.
During this week, library staff and visitors will have the chance to engage into fruitful discussions and exchange of professional and personal experiences. They will broaden their perspective on issues related to Information Science, strengthen their skills and hopefully plant the roots for future collaboration on joint projects.
Monday, 9 May, 2022 to Friday, 13 May, 2022
Defne Gier,
Please visit for detailed information about program and application procedure:
Ruhr University BochumStudent Services
•   Talentscouting is a programme, which is supported by the Federal Ministry of Science and Culture. It is located at 17 Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences in North-Rhine-Westphalia and aims to reduce social and educational injustices by providing the best possible mentoring/counselling hereby especially focusing on first generation students and students with a migratory background. Talentscouting emphasizes a long lasting support wherein the mentoring continues throughout the student’s path within the educational system from high-school to university or an apprenticeship, continuing even beyond that. One of our goals is to unlock the students full potential of which they might not be aware of themselves due to hardships and other obligations weighing them down.
• We offer regular counselling  sessions at partner high-schools but also provide individual counselling after school hours  and during school holidays. Additionally, informational and practical workshops are provided to support our mentees (who we refer to as Talents) when applying for scholarships. Empowerment of first generation students is a very significant goal of us. In 2017 we initiated a network of mutual support from Talents for Talents, which organises itself and offers additional workshops, meetings, educational field trips and peer mentoring.
Did we catch your interest? Come and visit us for a jobshadowing stay in Bochum and the Ruhr Area!
Open-mindedness, interest in topics such as social justice and counselling. Since we speak German at our daily work, it would be beneficial if you had basic knowledge in German.
In case you do not speak German don´t worry: Our team knows English, some of us speak Turkish, Spanish, French, Greek and Serbocroatian.
One to two people may participate at a time. Feel free to contact us and talk to us if you have something else in mind.
We are open for three to five days of jobshadowing during the following time frames: 23.8.-23.9.22; 14.11.-16.12.22; 16.1.23- 31.3.23; 2.5.-26.5.23; 12.6.-16.6.23  In case you prefer other dates, please let us know.We are open for three to five days of jobshadowing during the following time frames: 23.8.-23.9.22; 14.11.-16.12.22; 16.1.23- 31.3.23; 2.5.-26.5.23; 12.6.-16.6.23  In case you prefer other dates, please let us know.
Write us an e-mail in which you state your motivation to get to know our programme.