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Serviceportal der Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Mustermann, Max




The IGSH offers scholarships to students who are not able to pay the costs themselves. These scholarships are supported by the IHP of UNESCO and the German IHP/HWRP Committee and will be advertised internationally. Starting in 2015, IGSH has additionally been sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) as serial summer school on sustainable water management. The newly implemented DAAD full scholarships have increased the attraction of the Summer School course resulting in record numbers of applications. Overall three different scholarships are available, listed in the table below.

Full Scholarship

Including course fees, accommodation, travel expenses and daily allowance

Partial Scholarship

Including course fees and accommodation

Course Scholarship

Including course fees

The general course fees amount to 500€. If you are financing yourself you must pay the course fees, as well as your travel and accommodation costs. If you are not able to pay the costs yourself you can apply for a scholarship.

Once you have decided on a scholarship in your online application and uploaded all the necessary application documents, the scholarships will be awarded by an expert selection committee. Selected candidates will be informed about two month prior to the course.